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Possession is one of the key concepts in the property law. In law, possession is considered as the control a person intentionally exercises towards a thing.


Mediate possession :

Mediate Possession is possession through an intermediary i.e. agent. One person may possess a thing for & on account of someone else.


Immediate possession:

The legal right to move into a house or other any property immediately after buying it.  Immediate possession is the legal right to take control of a property as soon as an official arrangement is completed. 


Adverse possession:

Adverse possession means a person in possession of the land possessed by someone else may acquire the valid title of it, so long as certain common law necessities are met, and the adverse possessor is in possession for such a sufficient period of time, as defined by the statute of limitations.


Constructive possession:

Constructive possession describes a situation where an individual has actual control over possessions or real property without truly having physical control over the same assets. 


Corporeal possession :

Corporeal means having a body. Corporal possession is seen and tangible. It is possession of a material object.


Incorporeal possession:

Incorporeal means having no body. Corporal possession is the possession of anything other than the material object.


Possession in law:

This is related to law. Possession in law means that the possessions are recognized by law. For example, you purchased a car then you possessed it.


Possession in fact:

Possession, in fact, is Actual and is related to fact. It need not be recognized by the law. For example, A stole your scooter. The scooter is in possession of A. it is a fact. It can be a representative possession, Concurrent possession, derivative possession etc.

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